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Solutions on Site delivers targeted training opportunities designed to complement and enhance the skill sets of social workers, therapists, psychologists, mental health care providers, child & youth workers,chaplains, front line providers and other professionals in Health, Social and Human Services in London, Ontario.

Our expert speakers offer the strategies, solutions and techniques required by providers to meet the diverse needs of those they support. Questions?
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Depression, Anxiety and Addictions from a New Perspective: The Myth of Normal

Speaker: Dr. Gabor Mate, MD
Date:  Monday September 28th, 2015 PLEASE NOTE DATE HAS CHANGED
Location: London, ON

For all our progress in understanding and treating mental illness, it continues to be a subject of misapprehension, prejudice and stigmatization. The reason for that may be not its strangeness but its familiarity. Very few individuals or families are not touched by at least some aspects of mental dysfunction, some periods of the discouragement, disconnect or anxiety that, on a deeper and more chronic level, characterizes the mind state of the mentally ill.


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Record Keeping, Note Taking & Confidentiality: For Professionals in Health & Social Services

Speaker: Robert Solomon
Date:  Monday October 19th, 2015
Location: LONDON, ON

Join SOS and  Robert Solomon in a practical and informative one day workshop that addresses the importance of good record keeping policies and practices for those working in the Health Care System and for professionals working in the field of Human and Social Services.

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Smart But Scattered: Strenghtening Executive Skills in Children & Adolescents

Speaker: Peg Dawson, Ed. D, NCSP
Date: Monday November 30th, 2015
Location: The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON

Learn tools and strategies that can be used to assist “smart but scattered” kids to become successful problem solvers and self-reliant adults.

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Psychopharmacology for Non-Medical Practitioners

Speaker: Dr. Jim Cullen, Ph.D., RSW
Date: Monday December 14th
Location: The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON

This workshop is designed to provide non-medical practitioners with an introduction to pharmacotherapy for mental health and addiction within the Canadian Context.


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